Easily Incorporate Rewards In Your Application

Use our API to trigger rewards to suit your requirements. Native will handle of the transaction processing and recording, allowing you to focus on your core business, while incentivizing your end users to interact with you more. Learn more about Native.

Dual Rewards

Dual Rewards For Customers

Consumers earn rewards directly from the companies that use Native Rewards, but also participate in Global Rewards based on their overall reward activity across all partners.

Fiat Payouts

Flexible Payouts

Native uses cryptocurrency as its default currency, but consumers can alternately receive their rewards in fiat (US Dollar) currency instead.

Immutable and Transparent

Immutable and Transparent

For our partners issuing rewards and the consumers earning the rewards, all transactions are recorded on a public blockchain (NEO), ensuring complete accountability for all participants.

Airdrop For Narrative Token Sale Contributors

Native is a companion project of Narrative, our network that is creating the world's first true content economy. In fact, Narrative will utilize Native technology to power its own reward system.

Native will utilize two NEO NEP-5 cryptocurrency tokens to maintain its network:

To thank those that contributed to the Narrative Token Sale, we'll be giving NTV tokens to everyone who contributed. We will contact all Narrative token sale contributors prior to the airdrop to provide instructions for claiming the Native tokens.


We'll be announcing many more details about Native over the coming months. In the meantime, please stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter.

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